MGM Healthcare achieves New Milestone in Early Intervention Program for Congenital Deafness, Empowering Children to Rediscover the Power of Speech

MGM Healthcare achieves New Milestone in Early Intervention Program for Congenital Deafness, Empowering Children to Rediscover the Power of Speech

Chennai, May 24, 2023: MGM Healthcare, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of Chennai is proud to announce the recent feat by the Department of ENT. Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty, HOD ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, MGM Healthcare has performed three consecutive successful cochlear implant surgery on children with congenital deafness within 24 hours, enabling them to regain their quest for hearing and speech abilities. All the 3 cochlear implantations had complex anatomical challenges for the surgeon to overcome to achieve successful outcomes

Congenital deafness poses unique challenges for children, affecting their ability to develop speech and communicate effectively. Early intervention plays a crucial role in ensuring that these children can regain their speaking abilities and fully participate in society with strong auditory verbal therapy training program post procedures. Cochlear implants have emerged as a powerful solution in such cases, allowing individuals to experience sound for the first time and utilize the residual hearing capacity with modern gadgetry and cutting-edge technology. Parents have a vital role to play 24 / 7 for the success of this programme.

Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty utilized one of the most advanced and globally acclaimed technologies for these cochlear implant surgery. The implants used are MRI compatible, representing a significant advancement in implant technology. Unlike earlier models, these implants feature a wireless sound processor, positioned discreetly behind the ear, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. Notably, the implants are functional even underwater and are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless interaction with various devices. The use of rechargeable batteries enhances convenience and accessibility for patients.

Speaking about the successful surgery, Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty, HOD ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, MGM Healthcare, shared his thoughts on the impact of early intervention in congenital deafness, “Early intervention is vital in addressing congenital deafness, as it allows children to acquire language skills during the critical period of their development. Cochlear implants have proven to be a transformative solution, enabling children to hear and speak, opening up a world of opportunities for them. The advanced technology we employed in this surgery enhances the overall experience for patients and significantly contributes to their quality of life. The cooperation of the family is paramount along with a robust post-surgical auditory verbal therapy session for optimum outcomes. “

Each cochlear implant procedure, encompassing intra-operative surgery, anaesthesia, surgery, and post-operative evaluations, along with audiological inputs before, during & after surgery is extremely vital. The comprehensive implant audiology measures ensured that each child received personalized care, maximizing the effectiveness of the cochlear implants.

MGM Healthcare continues to pave the way for cutting-edge interventions and advancements in the field of ENT prioritizing early detection and intervention for congenital deafness. The hospital remains committed to transforming lives through compassionate care and innovation.

About MGM Healthcare:

Born out of a need for altruism, MGM Healthcare is obsessed with bettering patient experiences and improving clinical outcomes through expertise, passion and technology. The manifestation of this dedication to superlative health-caring is a state-of-the-art hospital on Nelson Manickam Road having 400 beds, 50 out-patient consultation rooms, over 100 critical care beds, 250+ Doctors, 12 Centers of excellence, 30+ Clinical Departments, 12 state-of-the-art Operating Theatres and 24 x 7 comprehensive Emergency Care. Here, a host of eminent surgeons and physicians wield a potent combination of skill and cutting edge technology to elevate care and outcomes to new levels. MGM Healthcare is the first hospital in Asia with the highest rated USGBC LEED Platinum-certified Green Hospital.

Over the past year, the team of clinical experts at MGM Healthcare have performed many innovative and complex surgeries in the pursuit of establishing trust and clinical excellence. MGM Healthcare designed and equipped with the latest in technology and equipment is poised to drive patient centricity and clinical excellence of both the domestic and international patients.


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